What is kitchen equipment used for

There are many categories in which commercial catering supplies can be used:

  • For storing prepared food

  • For processing food

  • For fabricating the food

  • For holding and serving the food

  • For clean-up and sanitizing the kitchen

For used catering equipment, if you are looking to expand your catering facilities you need to look for the material which can decrease the load work in your business.

There are commercial catering equipment solutions which can help you in your business:

  • Cold rooms

  • Ovens

  • Extractor fans

  • Ranges

  • Dishwashing Equipment

  • Grooved Griddle

  • Pressure Deep Fryer

Some industrial equipment is taking the places of the older stuff that will be in consequence of lowering the electricity bills and your workload.

Grooved Griddle:

The grooved griddles are broadly used for cooking steaks, and in many restaurants, it has replaced the old broiler. The edges of the griddle yield marks on a steak similar to a grill and the stands allow fat and juice to drain off and dodging smoke created by conventional broiler which is the best part.

Pressure Deep Fryer:

Deep fryer with caps is called the pressure fryers. The increase in pressure lessens the cooking time by as much as one-half. There is less evaporative cooling taking place in the cooking procedures. Some pressure fryers embrace moisture injection schemes. The water injected turns out to be steam and cooks the fries.